Draft Animal Power -- Mules

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Draft Animal Power -- Mules by Mind Map: Draft Animal Power -- Mules

1. Advantages

1.1. Intelligent

1.2. Mild Temperament

1.3. Endurance

1.4. Fly resistance

1.5. Less feed required

1.6. Harder hooves than horses

1.7. Faster than an ox

1.8. Can adapt better to a new diet

1.9. Longer lives than horses

1.10. Less trips to the vet than horses

1.11. Heat tolerant

1.12. Surefooted and Careful

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Sterile

2.2. Do not do well in thick mud

2.3. Matures slower than a horse

2.4. Not as strong as an ox

2.5. Do not like dogs

2.6. More complicated harness

2.7. Ear-shying problems

2.8. Known as stubborn

3. Opportunities

3.1. Southern States

3.2. Raised in the desert

3.3. Desirable for rocky terrain

3.4. Can be used to pull wagons

3.5. Can be used to carry loads

3.6. Can be used for logging or agriculture

3.7. Good in tight or dangerous place

4. Constraints

4.1. Working in deep, wet woods

4.2. May have to keep away from dogs and other small livestock

4.3. Need a partner, herd animals

4.4. May take longer to train

4.5. Better for small, specialty logging operations

4.6. May need larger acreage