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Curriculum by Mind Map: Curriculum

1. Teacher

1.1. lesson plan

1.1.1. teaching strategies classroom management assesment

1.2. Effective Teaching

1.2.1. Analytic and Sympathetic in Approach. Dynamic and Enthusiastic. Interactive with students.

1.3. Impact of Effective Teaching

1.3.1. able to generate new ideas and strategies on their own. can circumvent the problems arising from inadequte teaching resources. long-term effects on the learning of students.

2. Student

2.1. assessment

2.1.1. assignments projects facilitation

2.2. Effective learning

2.2.1. Opportunities for practice and growth Learning habits Assessment is authentic , transparent and never punitive.

2.3. Impact of Effective Learning

2.3.1. able to solve abstract problems in logical fashion. consider many possible solutions in a problem. hypothetical and idealistic.

3. Knowlege and skills

3.1. objectives

3.1.1. standards

3.2. Delivering Knowledge and Skills

3.2.1. Active engagement of students. Compliment postive behavior and hardwork. Hands on activities and real life setting interaction.