You Made It!

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You Made It! by Mind Map: You Made It!

1. We use 'wish' to show goodwill. ¤ I wish I could join an orchestra someday. ¤ I wish you would jotin the competition. We also use 'wish' when what we expect is impossible ¤ I wish there were no mountains forever. ¤ I wish I could live forever

2. ¤ I wish you didn't make such a mistake. Do a better experiment. Good luck! ¤ I hope I receive better marks next time. ¤ I hope you become a great musician in the future.

3. We use 'hope' when what we expect is very possible. ¤ I hope the rain stops soon ¤ I hope my exam scores will get even better

4. ¤ Well done! You just did your best. ¤ Superb! You've shown the best of you. ¤ Good hair! You look beautiful. ¤ Amazing! You have such a great voice! ¤ I like it! Your cooking is very delicious!

5. ¤ Congratulations on winning the song festival! ¤ Congratulations on having a new house! ¤ Congratulations on your success! ¤ Congratulations on your birthday!