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PTW types by Mind Map: PTW types

1. Hot Work in E/R Workshop Level-2 (Loaded & Ballast Passage)

2. Hot Work Level-2 outside E/R Workshop but within E/R (Loaded & Ballast Passage)

3. Hot Work Level-2 outside E/R (Ballast Passage)

4. Hot Work Level-2 outside E/R (Loaded Passage)

5. Hot Work Level-1 (Loaded & Ballast Passage)

6. Enclosed Space Entry

7. Underwater Operation at night

8. Simultaneous underwater operation during daytime with other operation

9. Underwater Operation during daytime without any simultaneous operation

10. Working Aloft/ Over Side

11. Work on pressure pipelines/ pressure vessels

12. Maintenance on Critical Equipment - Main propulsion system- shutdown alarm and tripping device

13. Maintenance on Main Boilers and GE - Shutdown Alarms & Tripping Device

14. Maintenance on Oil mist detector Monitoring System

15. Maintenance on Oily water Separator

16. Maintenance on Emergency Generator

16.1. subtype

16.1.1. more 2 hours 1 .Create pin 3333 Section 1: Task Description 2. Mater Review For O.A pin 2222. Section 1: Task Description 3. Active (Submit for Termination) pin 3333 Section 8A: Task Status 4. Update Needed pin 3333 Section 1: Task Desctiption 5. Mater Review For O.A pin 2222.( AFTER UPDATE) Section 1: Task Desctiption

16.1.2. less 2 hours 6. Create pin 3333 Section 1: Task Deskription 6.1 Master Approval pin 2222 Section 1: Task Deskription 6.3 Active (Submit for Termination) Section 8A: EIC Normalization pin 3333 pin 2222 (Master) 6,4 Pending Termination (Review and Terminate) pin 3333 -Only read pin 2222

17. Maintenance on Emergency Fire Pump

18. Maintenance on Fixed Fire Fighting System

19. Maintenance on Lifeboat Engine

20. Maintenance on Anchor

21. Maintenance on Fire Detection Alarm System

22. Maintenance on P/P Room Gas Detection Alarm System

23. Maintenance on Emergency Stop Switches for Engine Room and Cargo Equipment

24. Maintenance on Fuel/Lubricating Oil Tanks Quick Closing Valve & Panel

24.1. disabled

25. Maintenance on Chemical ship specific PV value

25.1. disabled

26. Maintenance on LNG Specific: Fixed gas detection system

26.1. disabled

27. Maintenance on ESDS for Cargo system (LNG/ LPG specific)

28. Maintenance on Life/Rescue boats and Davits

29. Maintenance on Oil Discharging Monitoring Equipment

30. Maintenance on Radio Battery

31. Maintenance on Critical Equipment - Magnetic Compass

32. Use of ODME in Manual Mode

33. Personnel Transfer by Transfer Basket

34. Helicopter Operation

35. Working on Electrical Equipment - Low/High Voltage

36. Entry into Compressor Room and Motor Room (Gas Tankers)

37. Use of portable power tools

38. Use of Hydro blaster / working with High-pressure tools

39. Use of non-intrinsically safe Camera outside Accommodation and Machinery spaces

40. Working on Deck During Heavy Weather

41. Cold Work - Connecting and Disconnecting Pipelines

42. Cold Work - Removing and Fitting of Valves, Blanks, Spades, or Blinds

43. Cold Work - Blanking & Deblanking of Pipelines and Other Openings

44. Cold Work - Maintenance on Closed Electrical Equipment and Circuits

45. Cold Work - Cleaning Up of Spill

46. Cold Work - Working in Hazardous Area

47. Cold Work - Maintenance Work on Machinery