Automatic night light with sleep inducing music.

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Automatic night light with sleep inducing music. by Mind Map: Automatic night light with sleep inducing music.

1. Potentiometers

2. To change the frequency and the volume of the sound created by the sounder, we could connect this to a potentiometer which can reduce or increase the sound.

3. We can change the frequency of the noise by changing the frequency of the electricity.

4. This means that when voltage is passed through the material, it vibrates and produces a noise.

5. As electricity flows through the piezo sounder, it goes through a ceramic material with piezo electric properties.

6. piezo sounders

7. This could be used for volume control of the audio system which is also in my product. Also the brightness of the light could be monitored and this could help limit distractions and help sleep better.

8. As the voltage is applied to the resistive element, the wiper can then control the amount of resistance since the dial directly controls the wiper.

9. They also have a knob on top which helps control an element. They have a resistive element and a contact that is referred to as a wiper.

10. They also have three terminals

11. Potentiometers are components that control speed voltage and frequency


12.1. Aesthetics

12.1.1. The shape of the product is going to be inspired by architectural designs of famous designers such as Norman Foster.

12.1.2. The colour of the product is going to be as transparent as possible as the light is going to be inside the casing and if it is too dark, the light will not be visible.

12.2. Cost

12.2.1. The cost of this product must be a maximum of £30 pounds as suggested by my client.

12.2.2. The cost is based on the price of the materials and the manufacturing costs.If the desired quality of the product is achieved, it should be worth the price.

12.3. Customer

12.3.1. The product is going to be for all age ranges and all genders. It is mainly addressed to those people who have sleep issues.

12.4. Environment

12.4.1. The product must be made from eco friendly materials and to make the casing of the product, I might use polypropylene, which is highly recyclable.

12.5. Safety

12.5.1. The plastic will be moulded and the edges will be checked if they are smooth enough so that they do not create danger in the hands of children.

12.5.2. The electronics will be hidden away and make sure the wires will not be visible to children, who are prone to danger from wires.

12.6. Size

12.6.1. The product should be portable so the of the product should ideally be compact.

12.7. Function

12.7.1. The function of this product should be to have a automatic nightlight when the switch is turned on and the light levels are low.

12.7.2. It should also play some music that will help the user sleep.

12.7.3. The nightlight will have a potentiometer which will limit the timing of the light and will help reduce wastage of energy. Potentiometers will also allow the brightness of the light to be altered so that the user doesn't feel distracted by the brightness of the light.

12.8. Materials

12.8.1. Polypropylene is the material I am going to use for my casing as it is very flexible and it can be moulded into any shape. It is also recyclable, so once the product is broken the casing can be recycled and it will not harm the environment.

13. Research required for product.