Fashion Meets Sustainability: Era of Sustainable Swimwear

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Fashion Meets Sustainability: Era of Sustainable Swimwear by Mind Map: Fashion Meets Sustainability: Era of Sustainable Swimwear

1. Fashion is arguably one of the world's top polluters. The era of fast fashion has seen quick purchases that get thrown out the window the moment a new trend comes in, and new trends come almost every other day. Ethical fashion is a wave that is quickly spreading throughout the Industry, promoting every player to seek alternative methods of creating beautiful fashion pieces, but sustainably. It is on this thought that sustainable swimwear is hinged. Sustainable swimwear derived from abandoned fishing nets solves to some extent the polluting problem in the water bodies. Why use new material, processes, fabric and water to create new swimwear while there is enough material in the water bodies that can be transformed into trendy eco bikinis? Being made from regenerated material does not in any way impact the quality or design of the swimwear. They can still be turned into the most delectable mix and match swimsuits, Brazilian cut swimsuits or even activewear that will meet all your specific needs. Eco-friendly swimwear come in some of the most diverse colour ranges you have ever seen. If you are into the bold colours, you will find all the bold hues that will make you stand out at the beach. You can also colour block the different colours to create an even more fashionable look. Softer shades and earthy hues are also available. The good thing about softer hues and neutral shades is that they are much easier to mix and match with other colours and patterns. Speaking of patterns, eco swimwear features a variety of patterns that will trample over every other bikinis you own with their premium prints. From animal print to tropical leaves print, these swimsuits will add more depth to your look. The checked prints will be an immediate standout and a bold fashion statement whether paired together or with other separates. The secret of paring separates is just playing around with colour and finding what pays tribute to your personal style. The designs of this eco-friendly swimwear are mind-blowing. They have all been created with your dream beach in mind. From their fit right to their elaborate styles, these bikinis are a must-have in your closet. They deserve a place in your traveling bag the next time you are going out to the beach. Whether you want a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, you will find something that works for you. Cute bow details, cut-outs, metal detail and string ties are just some of the interesting details that have been added to the swimsuits. The bikini tops come in halters, one-hands, off-shoulders, comfortable bandeaus, deep Vs and triangle cuts. There are enough push-ups for you if you crave more cleavage. The bikini bottoms are just as stylish, promising both full coverage and cheeky bottoms for the ladies who prefer bold bikini bottoms. Both high cut and lowcut bottoms come in side-ties which can really help with sizing adjustments. It does not end there. Few things are as galling as having to buy another bikini every time you want to have a swim, but that is not the case with sustainable swimsuits. They can withstand exposure to UV, oil and chlorine, thus lengthening their lifespan considerably. The next time you need to purchase swimwear, you really do need to consider eco swimwear. Not only will they do what traditional swimwear does and more, but they will also keep the oceans and all that live in it alive.