CALL past, present and future

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CALL past, present and future by Mind Map: CALL past, present and future

1. integrative


1.1.1. MULTIMEDIA COMPUTERS CD ROM text, graphics, sound, animation, video hypermedia advantages disadvantages

1.1.2. THE INTERNET One to many communication ADVANTAGES enable to share lengthy documents facilitate collaborative writing graphics sounds video EXAMPLE : INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR EFL STUDENTS IN BULGARIA assisted by three tech tools

2. communicative

2.1. Model

2.1.1. computer as tutor

2.1.2. Computer as stimulus

2.1.3. computer as tool word processor spelling and grammar checkers desktop publishing program concordances

2.1.4. computer as workhorse

2.2. Principles

2.2.1. flexible to variety of responses

2.2.2. no reward

2.2.3. use target language

2.2.4. use forms pace reading

2.2.5. grammar implicitly

2.3. generate original utterances

2.3.1. text resconstruction

2.4. Types of programs

2.4.1. language games

2.5. Purpose

2.5.1. stimulates students discussion writing critical thinking

3. behaviouristic

3.1. drill and practice

3.2. model of computer as tutor

3.2.1. PLATO system


3.3.1. Repeated exposure to the same material


4.1. a tutor for language drills or skills practice

4.2. stimulus for discussion and interaction

4.3. tool for writing and research

4.4. medium of global communication

4.5. a source of limitless authentic materials