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Edu 4-HUEIC by Mind Map: Edu 4-HUEIC


1.1. Create an digital environment to support for edu 4

1.2. Create a technological infrastructure

1.3. Manage and communicate with students effectively through Moodle


2.1. Redesign learning outcomes

2.2. Redesign curriculum

2.3. Introduce and apply new teaching and learning methods

2.4. Integrate soft skills training for students

2.5. Apply to all faculties

2.6. Curriculum satisfied some requirements from industry

2.7. Students can achieve some skills required in Industry Revolution 4.0.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES (Develop human potentials)

3.1. Organise PD workshops

3.2. Exchange programs

3.3. Collaborate with industry

3.4. Train teachers with technology tools


4.1. Supports for teachers' PD

4.2. Encourage changes in curriculum and methodology

4.3. Human resource management (bottom-up management >< top-down management)

4.4. Encourage the cooperation between schools and industry

5. 1st year

5.1. Human Resource Development

5.1.1. Organise WS to introduce skills in Edu 4.0

5.1.2. Organise PD workshops to introduce and train digital teaching and learning tools

5.2. Supporting institutional policies

5.2.1. Encourage PD for teachers

5.2.2. Encourage changes in curriculum & methodology

5.2.3. Encourage technology application

5.3. Technology

5.3.1. Pilot Moodle flatform to HueIC

5.3.2. Build up learning spaces for technology

5.4. Curriculum & Methodology

5.4.1. Redesign curriculum towards student-centered learning matched with industry's demands

5.4.2. Pilot e-learning flatform for teaching and learning in 4 subjects at 4 faculties (12 teachers)

5.4.3. Introduce competence-based assessment

5.4.4. Introduce PBL and encourage Ts & Ss to apply

6. 2nd Year

6.1. Human Resource Development

6.1.1. Organise advanced PD workshops for teachers and students

6.1.2. Organise study tours for teachers

6.1.3. Build up a community of practice for teachers to share and learn from others

6.2. Institutional policies

6.2.1. Keep institutional policies on encouraging digital teaching be active

6.3. Technology

6.3.1. Apply Moodle flatform to HueIC

6.3.2. Make use of learning spaces for technology

6.4. Curriculum & Methodology

6.4.1. Evaluate 1st year implementation and modify if any

6.4.2. Pilot the new curriculum and digital teaching and learning methods to 4 faculties

6.4.3. Pilot competence-based assessment

6.4.4. Cooperate with industry for sharing or introducing some practices

6.4.5. Encourage PBL application

7. 3rd year

7.1. HR Development

7.1.1. Skilled staff to play well with some Techno in Edu 4

7.1.2. Continue to create teacher community of practice be active and effectively

7.2. Institutional policies

7.2.1. Be active and continuous supports the implementation of Edu 4.

7.3. Technology

7.3.1. Smooth flatform for T & S