How to have an eco friendly home?

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How to have an eco friendly home? by Mind Map: How to have an eco friendly home?

1. Kitchen

1.1. . Turn off the tap when not doing the dishes

1.2. .Separate waste into plastic, organic, etc

1.3. .Choose fridge with a good energy star rating

2. Garden

2.1. .Use rainwater to water plants

2.2. .Make compost

3. living room

3.1. .Enjoy the sunshine during the day

3.2. .Don't leave appliances on stanby

4. Bedroom

4.1. . Turn off the lights when not in the bedroom

4.2. .Turn computer off at powerpoint when not in use

4.3. .Another way to help would be to replace air conditioning with fans.

5. service area

5.1. . Reuse the water from the washing machine

5.2. .Replace the clothes dryer with

6. Bathroom

6.1. .Don't take long hot showers

6.2. .Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth