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Moblie Learning by Mind Map: Moblie Learning

1. Storyline Online

1.1. Strengths

1.1.1. Keep them interested in the subject

1.1.2. Have story read allowed Read by celebrities might interest students more

1.1.3. Can still follow along while being read to

1.1.4. Wide range of books

1.2. Weakness

1.2.1. Lower level literacy books

1.2.2. Not every wants story read aloud

1.2.3. Not having enough electronics in school Might not have access at home

2. Toontastic

2.1. Create short stories on their own

2.1.1. Strengths Can use imagination Learn about components of a story Make their own characters, plot, background, etc Suitable for literacy classes

2.1.2. Weaknesses You need iTunes account

3. EDpuzzle

3.1. Effective way to show videos through lesson in classroom and at home

3.1.1. Strengths Can be used in any subject Students have to be engaged in the video to answer the question correctly You can log in at home Eco-friendly Reduces paper waste

3.1.2. Weaknesses Might not have access to the internet at home

4. Google Expedition

4.1. Brings lessons to life

4.1.1. Strengths Students can virtually explore places you might not be able to take on a field trip Augmented reality Virtual field trips

4.1.2. Weaknesses Cost money to have the "full"experience

4.2. Can be used in: social studies/ history, science, and geography

5. Flipgrid

5.1. Interactive way to share a topic by recording and posting online

5.1.1. Strengths You can use it in all subject areas Don't have to show your face if your not comfortable Interactive with peers Quick videos: 45 seconds

5.1.2. Weaknesses Might not have access to electronics at home