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Movie editing by Mind Map: Movie editing
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Movie editing App - Text to movie: App - Elf Yourself: Software - Spin Express: App - Pixorial:!home App - Stupeflix Studio:

Example projects


Back to school

17 addictive videos

Create a video advertising the school

Project ideas:

Film 1 second a day

Project idea:

Lesson ideas

@xannov, Silent movies


45 ways to use a pocket camera

Bombay Films


Possible class projects

Digital Story of the Nativity

YouTube Falling apart

Squirrel: Try to do

Lulu and the Lampshades

Epic Rap Battles

Song: why we want technology in schools

YouTube Mixes

Apps, Create Tube Mixes, Mix tapes from YouTube

Create Mashups



Windows movie maker

E-Book, Windows movie maker and audacity





Lesson ideas

undertenminutes, Narration in Movie Maker

@chrisleach78, narrate lyrics as a poem

IT and Cinema Films

Tron (1982) vs Tron Legacy (2010)

Article with videos:

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

Article with video:


Produce a TV show

Article - "do kids learn much from a TV show? Well yes when it's them producing it!:

Lesson ideas

#ictcurric Moodle

Unknown, Film Making



Making videos on the web - a guide for teachers