Examples of early childhood settings (1)

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Examples of early childhood settings (1) by Mind Map: Examples of early childhood settings (1)

1. Kagan

1.1. Goal: to engage every student with a variety of team building techniques in the classroom.

1.1.1. Through cooperative learning Kagan promotes natural language acquisition.

1.1.2. Engaged minds: .Pay attention .Are motivated .Retains more information

1.1.3. Examples of team building strategies 1. Numbered heads together 2. Time paired share 3. RallyRobin 4. Quiz-quiz trade

2. Cult of Pedagogy

2.1. Goal: is to be a resource for new and experienced teachers.

2.1.1. Through six must share power learning strategies you can teach your students a better way to approach learning.

2.1.2. Six factors of effective learning 1. Spaced practice 2. Retrieval practice 3. Elaboration 4. Interleaving 5. Concrete examples 6. Dual coding

3. Centervention

3.1. Goal: to build a positive school climate by focussing on fu, because fun works.

3.1.1. Through different programs seperated by age groups and specific needs, Centervention gives a solution to at-risk school for those students who needs behavior and social skills.

3.1.2. Through online scenarios and games the students can learn appropriate ways to interact.