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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. Definition- using technology as a method of harassment to an individual

2. Consequences may include(but not limit to)- Criminal charges, school punishments, removal of technology (depending on place the cyberbullying occurs; such as school)

3. Prevention-How To Guard Against Your Child Becoming A Cyberbully – Cybersmile

4. Prevention- How to Beat Cyberbullies

5. Response to Cyberbullying- Responding to cyberbullying in safe and constructive ways

6. Lesson Ideas- Depending on the age group, discuss the possible effects of cyberbullying and what acts are identified as cyberbullying, as well as notifying parents to remain on top of their child's technology use as well. For a more older class, the movie Cyberbully starring Emily Osment displays a real life scenario to give the true effect.