2025 Strategy

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2025 Strategy by Mind Map: 2025 Strategy

1. The strategy

1.1. Quality education

1.1.1. Current Evidence/research based

1.1.2. Relevant Work and industry relevant level appropriate

1.1.3. Rigorous Stands up to internal and external critique

1.1.4. Stimulating/provoking

1.1.5. Rewarding/enriching

1.2. Quality experience

1.2.1. Logical & coherent flow Puzzle with that parts fits together rather than disjointed random pieces

1.2.2. Stimulating/provoking/rewarding/enriching

1.2.3. Guided and supported

1.2.4. Supported personal pathways My learning Our learning - cohort

2. Involvement

2.1. Problem-solving

2.2. Evaluation and iterations

2.3. Taking risks

2.4. Team work and collaborations

2.5. Thinking outside the box

2.6. Future focused

3. Contextualisation of strategy in faculty to contribute to the universities aspiration

3.1. Examples both face to face and online environments to date

3.1.1. CDP involvement Why/value - collaboration in development - showcasing and sharing Transparency of pedagogy; sharing problem solving; provoking

3.1.2. Integrated learning experiences MVSID - 9901/9902 Seing connections between courses, concepts and theory

3.1.3. Industry contextualisation from day 1 TOLL Application of theory; trouble shoot at the roots; working alongside

3.1.4. ePortfolio Portal and home base for learning and progression Locates me the learner at the centre of my learning; transparent pathway progression; capstone preparation

3.1.5. Industry Case study creation Integration of industry examples and experts

3.1.6. Digital explorations OB3 eportfolio Symplicity eportfolio OnTask personalised learning pathway kaltura pedagogy learning pathway aspect possible Portal eportfolio mentoring career/industry placement alumni Immersive technologies pedagogy future focused