Plagiarism by: Jni McIntosh

Plagiarism assignment

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Plagiarism by: Jni McIntosh by Mind Map: Plagiarism by: Jni McIntosh

1. Definition: A fraudulent act that involve stealing work, and claiming as personal belonging or effort

1.1. Cheating

1.1.1. Theft

2. Consequences: Final grade of 0, expelled from course or school, lega action, fines etc.

2.1. Tarnish reputation

2.1.1. Fired

3. Prevention: Plagiarism can be prevented by using citations, paraphrasing, and even quoting so the reader knows who's exact words are being used.

3.1. Referencing

3.1.1. Using page numbers

4. Responses to Plagiarism: May result in parent or principal meeting

4.1. Detention

4.1.1. Points deducted

5. Lesson Ideas: Rephrasing Activity (describe personal understanding of phrase),True or False Plagiarism comparing Activity

5.1. Understanding meaning of Plagiarism

5.1.1. Understanding difference of plagiarism and honest citation