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Plants by Mind Map: Plants

1. Read and respond according to tasks and purpose to become self-directed, critical thinkers and readers (12.3)

2. Observations recorded in science notebook

3. Plants have several structures that help them grow (1.L.5A)

4. Math

4.1. Measurement of water to put in plants

4.2. Compare and contrasts lengths of plants in the classroom (1.MDA.2)

4.3. Identify given shapes of the structures of plants (1.G.4)

5. Science

5.1. Different plant structures help plants survive and produce more plants (1.L.5A.1)

5.2. Explanations on the stages of development of a flowering plant as it grows from a seed using observations and measurements (1.L.5.A.2)

5.3. Conduct structured investigations to answer questions about what plants need to live and grow

5.4. Analyze and interpret data from observations to describe how changes in the environment cause plants to respond in different ways

6. ELA

6.1. Engage in explorations of texts to make connections to personal experiences, other texts, or the environment

6.2. Recognize and read appropriate irregularly spelled words (words such as plant, stem, etc.

6.3. Read grade-level texts with purpose and understanding (4.1)- reading books about plant growth

6.4. Compare and contrasts the differences between the lengths of plants in the classroom and write about the differences

6.5. Labeling of plant parts

7. Art

7.1. Parts of a plant coloring worksheet

7.2. Parts of a plant craft activity