Client: John Bowman

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Client: John Bowman by Mind Map: Client: John Bowman

1. Legal Assistance

1.1. Privacy Legislation

1.1.1. Phone Numbers Crime Stoppers Police assistance Hotline Legal Aid Solicitors and Barristers

2. Counselling

2.1. Confidentiality

2.1.1. Changes to Privacy Legislation Respect Congruence Empathy Understanding patience Non-Judgement

3. Support and guidance

3.1. 24/7 Assistance Hotlines

3.1.1. Phone Numbers Crisis Hotline Mental Health Team Suicide Prevention

3.2. External Service Providers

3.2.1. Privacy Legislation and Ethical Practices Phone Numbers Emergency Housing Financial Assistance Addiction Resolution Employment and Training Services Social Security

3.3. Social Support Network

3.3.1. Privacy Legislation Personal Network of Support Family Friends Peers i.e., work, school Community support Community Centre Social Club Religious Organisation Volunteer Organisations