Smore Backend

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Smore Backend by Mind Map: Smore Backend

1. Check algos periodic tasks and how the appear after a few executions.

2. Own Profile (View & Mutate)

3. Chats (API and Logic)

4. Discovery (API and Logic)

5. Else's Profile: View, Save, Favourite, Ban, Report, Delete

6. Working Areas

7. Admin Analytics

8. In App Purchases

9. Subscriptions & Limitation

10. Matching Algo

11. Attractiveness Algo

12. Else's Profile: Winks, Unblur, Unlock

13. Profile Score Algo

14. Rating Algo

15. Profile Seeking Algo

16. Settings: Notifications, etc

17. Photos: Blur/Unblur/Gallery

18. Apple Music Integration: Token, etc

19. Push Notifications