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1. Aesthetics

1.1. The product is shaped as a box and can have many colours to it such as:black,blue and red.

1.1.1. The product isnt looked at through its style but more on its functionality and if it carries out the work its needed for. Its inspired through the high costs people pay to organise events.the product saves people there money as all reqirements of an event are available within one product.

2. Cost

2.1. Its priced at £99.99 while the cost to make is around £50

2.1.1. The product is valued for its price as its not a neccesity but seen as a privellage to have as it can make activities easier to run. This product is quite affordable as all your needs are in one product rather than buying your products all seperately.

3. Customer

3.1. The product is designed for teenagers or adults or people whom host many events or parties.

3.1.1. This product is required as it has all the things you need to run an event smoothly without the hastle of lacking speakers or music etc. This product makes the customers life very organised as everything they need is in one Party Box.

4. Safety

4.1. Has curved edges to prevent the harm of children

4.1.1. The product has cupholders at the top of it so if a spillage happens it can lead to a short circuit. To prevents this the electronic components of the product have been made waterproof

5. Size

5.1. The designer needs to think if the Box is spacious enough to fit all the components it requires.

6. Environment

6.1. The product is produced through thermoplastics allowing it to be recycled meaning it can be re-used after its life

6.1.1. Overall it can be sustainable in its making due to the componets its made from.

7. Function

7.1. Party Box designed to make parties/events easy and enjoyable.

7.1.1. Provides a great atmosphere during an event It has woofer speakers an area for guests to charge there phones as there are different types of chargers and includes laser light projections.

7.1.2. Works just fine

8. Materials

8.1. The Party Box in general will be made from acrylontrile butidiene styrene this is a common thermoplastic polymer

8.1.1. This Box can be easily injected moulded

8.1.2. It will be made from this as it males it much more durable and lightweight.

8.1.3. The Party Bx will also consist of all the other electronic components like: loud speakers, laser light projection, cup holders and charging cables.