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Daeratul Aqeeq by Mind Map: Daeratul Aqeeq

1. Istefada Ilmiyah 1441 H

1.1. Gathering

1.1.1. Presentation Personality Development Its importantance in Human life Its important in KGs life How it affects thinking of KGs How it affects life style of KGs Courses For Personality Development Different University Names and Places where Situated Different Personality Development Courses Eligiblity Different Personality Development Courses tenure Different personality Development Courses Fees Different Personality Development Courses offered by universities with their conveyance estimate What is JEE What JEE brings for KGs Different Courses offered in JEE Training Different opportunities for JEE aspirants How is JEE important for KGs How a JEE aspirant KGs improve there Khidmat How JEE aspirant improves moze and related field subjects How JEE aspirant improves his family life How JEE aspirant improves his Marital life

1.1.2. Interactive Activities Alumnae Of JEE facilitation of Alumnae of JEE Live Interview Daeratul Ul Aqeeq Sovenior to all Hazerien KGs present in Interactive Session Who opts from them for JEE What are their views about JEE