Levels of Government

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Levels of Government by Mind Map: Levels of Government

1. Federal Government

1.1. Military

1.1.1. The military is what protects Canada. The people in the military are trained to save and destroy lives.

1.2. Defense

1.3. National Secrity

1.4. International relations

1.5. Money

1.5.1. Money is what people use to get stuff. It is Canada's currency and it gets you what you want if you have enough of it.

1.6. Banking

2. Shared

2.1. Roads

2.1.1. People use roads to drive there cars.

2.2. Laws

2.2.1. Laws are rules that people have to follow or ese if they are caught breaking the laws , they will then have to go to court and from there they can go to jail.

2.3. Police

2.4. Parks

2.5. Tourism

3. Provincial Government

3.1. Schools

3.2. Natural Resources

3.2.1. Natural resources are things like trees and wild fruit. We use these things in our lives because buildings are usually made of a bit of wood and we eat wild fruits to survive.

3.3. Licences

3.3.1. Licences are things that we use but you have to pay for them. For example people a lot of people have drivers license because they are useful. They allow you to drive around and get from place to place much quicker.

3.4. Health care delivery

3.5. Education

4. Municipal Government

4.1. Water

4.2. Building taxes

4.2.1. Building taxes are the taxes that people have to pay when they buy a house and for the things they use in the house such as heat.

4.3. Snow removal

4.4. Waste management

4.5. Transit

4.5.1. Transit are the things like buses and trains that people ride to travel to places quicker.

4.6. Libraries