Personality Attributes

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Personality Attributes by Mind Map: Personality Attributes


1.1. Determine the place to receive all kinds of notifications and locations.

1.2. It specifies the place where a person must fulfill his obligations and

1.3. Set judicial jurisdiction

1.4. It establishes the place where certain acts of marital status are to be practiced (marriage celebration, birth certificates, death certificates, etc.)

1.5. Performs the centralization of a person's assets, in case of universal lawsuits (bankruptcy, bankruptcy or inheritance)

2. Citizenship

2.1. Ability to participate in the government of the Nation, either as a representative or as a voter to elect its rulers.

2.2. To be a Colombian citizen, Colombian nationality is required, be of legal age or emancipated and have an honest way of living.

3. Political status: Concrete legal situation that the individual keeps in front of the national group. Under it you can be a national or a foreigner, a citizen or a non-citizen.

3.1. nationality

3.1.1. *Birth -Blood relationship: The son born abroad acquires the same nationality of his parents if either or both parents are colombian. - Territorial relationship: It is colombian by birth who is born in Colombian territory.

3.1.2. *Naturalization It is the one that acquires who, having a different nationality, decides to adopt the Colombian.

4. Address: Place where the person habitually lives or resides

4.1. TYPES:

4.1.1. * Voluntary or real: Regular residence (more than six months), place of the main business center, place where they simply reside or, failing that, where they are.

4.1.2. *Legal: Place where the law establishes your residence for the exercise of your rights and the fulfillment of your obligations, even if you do not reside or be present in that place.

4.1.3. *Conventional Place indicated by a person for the fulfillment of certain obligations.

5. Parental rights: it is the set of rights, attributions and duties that parents have over non-emancipated children. Parental authority corresponds to the parents regardless of whether they are married to each other or not, since it is based on parental-filial relationships. For example, some decisions that fall within the scope of parental rights are: The education of the son The change of address

6. LEGAL CAPACITY Capacity is that attribute of personality that allows people to perform certain legal acts. This is found in article 1502 of the Civil Code and establishes it as one of the requirements for one person to be bound by another. Legal capacity is acquired upon reaching the age of majority. Article 1503 of the C.C determines the capacity as a legal presumption in all persons of legal age; on the contrary, disability is not a presumption, as this must be proven.

7. In law, representation is the declaration of will intended to produce effects in a legal field other than the subject that performs it. It is a legal figure by which what a person executes or celebrates on behalf of another, empowered by the person himself represented or designated by law to represent it, and which produces legal effects of that action in the patrimonial and legal sphere of the represented. Representation in general, is a legal phenomenon that involves the action of one person on behalf of another, is one of the most used institutions and one of the best legal inventions, since from it, a capable person acquires the gift of ubiquity, that is, it can break with that physical barrer

8. Guardianship and custody consists of the coexistence, care and assistance of minor children. In case of marriage annulment, separation or divorce of the parents, it must be agreed how the parents will be organized to facilitate the custody and custody of the children.The custody and custody regime is regulated in article 92 of the Civil Code. Guardianship and custody can be exercised by both spouses (joint custody) or exclusively by one of them (single parent custody)

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