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Occupy Movement by Mind Map: Occupy Movement

1. What?

1.1. A international social and political movement to fight against social and economic inequality. Movement also brings awareness to lack of "real democracy" around the world.

1.2. “fights back against corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations.”

1.3. Millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the economic crisis in 2010

2. Aims

2.1. Economic InJustices

2.1.1. Such as influence of money in election

2.1.2. reform the U.S. financial system to “prevent fraud and manipulation"

2.1.3. “We are the 99%” as a rallying slogan and drawing attention to the concentration of wealth and political power of people in the top 1% income bracket.

2.2. Social Injustices

2.3. New Forms of Democracy

3. What differentiates a social movement from an NGO?

3.1. NGO

3.1.1. Bureaucratic and hierarchical organization

3.1.2. Issue-based objectives, (mission statements)

3.1.3. Issue-based aims (local and global): reformative

3.1.4. Legal strategies. Lobbying, educating, etc Reformative

3.2. Social Movements

3.2.1. Open organization. Nonbureaucratic

3.2.2. Issue-based objectives ( i.e. democracy, racial equality, anti-neoliberalism)

3.2.3. Issue-based objectives ( i.e. democracy, racial equality, anti-neoliberalism)

3.2.4. Legal and illegal strategies. Public action, educating, lobbying etc. Transformative

4. Effects

4.1. Spread to different countries to fight for this cause

4.1.1. Motivated people speak out about social and economic inequality around the world

4.1.2. On "Day of Rage" places such as Hong Kong to Fairbanks, from Miami to London, from Berlin to Sydney

4.2. Created great awareness for the movement

4.3. Had no direct effect

5. How does it relate to the concepts of Power, Sovereignty and International Relations?

5.1. Power

5.1.1. It relates to Power through the need for power to be more equalized both in an economic and social aspect. They are fighting against the rich and the government from having so much power and the need for equalization.

5.2. Sovereignty

5.2.1. It relates to Sovereignty through they are fighting against authority of the government and the 1% rich in America

5.3. Internal Relation

5.3.1. This relates to Internal Relation because it was not just America that jumped on the movement but the whole world.