Causes of Sectional Tensions

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Causes of Sectional Tensions by Mind Map: Causes of Sectional Tensions

1. Wilmot Proviso

1.1. Caused tension between the North and South for slavery states. This was because they were debating that the new states acquired would abolish slavery.

1.2. Slave holders believed that Congress had no right to abolish slavery in new acquired states.

1.3. It did not allow slavery in Mexican territory after the Mexican-American war.

2. Manifest Destiny

2.1. The homestead act caused tension by moving settlers West and causing conflict with Indians.

2.2. The desire of land spread slavery throughout the West so that farming was easier.

2.3. It caused the annexation of Texas and later caused the Mexican-American war because settlers were coming into Mexican territory.

3. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

3.1. The end of the war meant new land. But the big debate occurred over slavery in those states.

3.2. The South saw no problem in having slavery in new states. The North could not agree with the South and thought new land should abolish slavery.

3.3. Continued tensions with Mexico after the war and border issues on which land was Mexico's or the US.

4. Mexican-American War

4.1. Because of the Gold Rush in California the US wanted to admit it into the Union. However Mexico denied the proposal causing conflicts.

4.2. It caused tension between Mexico and America because of all the fighting

4.3. around 13000 american civilians died because of the war. This caused a lot of sorrow and tension through out the US and if the war was really worth it.