Computer Programs and Programming Language

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Computer Programs and Programming Language by Mind Map: Computer Programs and Programming Language

1. Lesson Outcome

1.1. Overview of computer program and programming language

2. Overview of computer program and programming language

2.1. computer program is a set of instructions that the computer needs to follow to process the data into information.

3. Elements of Computer Program


4. Programming Language


5. Programming Language Paradigms

5.1. model for a class of programming language that share a common characteristics and its differences

6. Common Programming Paradigms

6.1. Imperative paradigm - The sequential execution of instructions

6.2. Object-oriented paradigm - Allow programmers to write reusable code that operates in a way

6.3. The functional paradigm - Based on the abstract notion of a function as studied in the lambda calculus.

6.4. The logic paradigm - Based on symbolic logic.

7. Functional Paradigm

7.1. Based on the concept of functions in mathematics

8. Programming Application Domains

8.1. Scientific Application

8.1.1. FORTRAN

8.1.2. NASA, Biotech

8.2. Business Application

8.2.1. COBOL

8.2.2. Banking

8.3. Artificial Intelligence

8.3.1. LISP, Prolog

8.3.2. Manufacturing, Robotic

8.4. System Programming

8.4.1. PL/S, BLISS, Extended Algol, C

8.4.2. Operating System

8.5. Web Software

8.5.1. Javascript, PHP

8.5.2. Internet application

9. Systems Programming

9.1. Assembly languages were used for a very long time operating systems programming because of its power and efficiency. CPL, BCPL, C and C++ were later developed for this purpose

10. Web Software

10.1. Eclectic collection of languages

10.1.1. Markup used for annotating a document in a manner that can be distinguished from the text.

10.1.2. Scripting the language that enable the script to run these commands and typically include control structures such as if-then-else and while-do.

10.1.3. General-purpose can be used for a wide range of programming jobs.