The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries by Mind Map: The Vampire Diaries

1. (CONTACT SPOILERS) Many fans find the Elena character in the books far more interesting than the series, I don't particularly read the books but I don't love the character. the fact that Stefan died at the end of the series and Damon stayed with Elena, makes most upset and angry with the writers, in my opinion this is one of those love triangle series that you can not decide with which boy the girl it should stay and it bothers me a lot. I chose the series because I'm in love with these stories of love triangles, action, emotion and that "Q" of sad humor

2. At the end of the series one of the brothers dies (Stefan) leaving the girl to another, the one who is sleeping by a witch's spell, wakes up and goes to meet her beloved (Damon)

3. The series of origin to another distinct, but that ends up giving continuity to TVD, this one is called TO (The Originals)

4. During the story the young woman goes in and out of relationships with the brothers, they also go through bad times because she is human and even without knowing, already contain old ties with the pair

5. Elena (nina), a sophomore in high school, just lost her parents in a car accident and just broke up with a childhood friend (Matte)

6. After the discovery that the brothers are actually vampires the series becomes a sentence of disputes between them for the girl, what she does not know is that the two already bring this dispute of their past

7. Elena and Stefan begin to get involved, while Damon makes his brother's life a dark sea. Damon who presents himself as a crow, meets elena in a cemetery and over time falls in love with her brother's girl

8. Damon (ian) stefan's oldest blood brother and arrives at hometown to torment brother's life

9. Stefan (paul) is the newest "cat" right from school and will come live with his uncle in the city of Mystic Falls

10. Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

11. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson

12. creators

13. main actors