Virtual Reality - Ted Talks

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Virtual Reality - Ted Talks by Mind Map: Virtual Reality - Ted Talks

1. Can Virtual Reality Change Your Mind?

1.1. Thong Nguyen

1.1.1. VR Entrepreneur - Thong Nguyen is an entrepreneur who is using virtual reality to help people experience, test and learn from the future. His company, Roomera, works with innovative business leaders to apply VR within the enterprise to accelerate prototyping and research, enhance learning, and aid in sales development. Before Roomera, Thong spent 15 years in the corporate sector in roles ranging from analyst to VP and CTO. Featured as a 2017 Minnesota Business young entrepreneur,

1.1.2. Roomera Inc. - Roomera – Virtual reality to see and test the future

1.2. Talk's Keypoint

1.2.1. What happen's inside this headset, has a power to change what is happens in the real world.

1.2.2. VR is more then games and entertainment. Sports use VR to train for competition. Car manufacturers use VR not only to reinvent the car buying experience, but how they design cars. Help reduce stress and anxiety for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimers Alternative to Morphine

1.2.3. Why VR is usable to all these things? Presence - feeling of being somewhere. A brain's distinct way of telling us that an experience is real. Activate the motor cortex and our sensory system in a way that is similar to a real life experience. Nobody can see these emotions outside. Our brains actually become more accurate at encoding memories. 9% improvement for brain accuracy and 12% improved on recall and response time. Gives people a safe environment to practice things. Operating heavy machineries Practice life-saving surgery Saving hostages Prepping for Black Friday VR is also showing a lot of promise in the fields of cognitive and behavioral therapy. 1 in 5 adults in US has mental disorder. It has an estimated 467 billion in lost productivity and medical expenses. Embodiment - feeling of agency and control that you have within your body. After a few minutes in VR, your brain starts adapting and thinking that it's your body Induce the level of empathy and understanding that's more effective than any other form of communication. Tangible way to begin to test and understand the discrepancies between what we think, what we feel, and we already know.

1.2.4. We all choose our adventure everyday. But sometimes, the choices that we make are based on what's happened in the past and prevent us from really finding our own futures. VR allows us to experience and try out different futures. VR gives us the ability to virtually walk a mile in somebody else's shoes. VR helps us to see our own minds, egos, and vulnerabilities from a different perspective.