tutoring process

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tutoring process by Mind Map: tutoring process

1. LBL:

1.1. tell the student which letter they're working on and what sound it makes. /a/

1.2. set up letter boxes and lay out letter tiles

1.3. give the student a word to spell (cat)

1.4. say the word in segments /c/ /a/ /t/

1.5. if student needs help, remind them which letter they are working on /a/

2. familiar book

2.1. read familiar book

2.2. use as assessment for words/phrases missed last time

3. message

3.1. ask the student an open ended question

3.2. focus on the completion of writing the message, not their spelling or handwriting

3.3. let them answer how they want/use their imagination

4. new book

4.1. introduce new book/give book talk

4.2. read book

4.3. tell students words they do not know

4.4. let them reread the sentence

4.5. jot down words missed for assessment next time