Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 by Mind Map: Chapter 7

1. Why is it important to draw on your own knowledge and experience in gathering materials for your speeches?

1.1. Bring speech alive

1.2. Bring colour

1.3. Bring emotion

2. What are the 3 criteria for evaluating the soundness of research materials that you find on the Internet?

2.1. Authorship

2.2. Sponsorship

2.3. Recency

3. What are the 3 stages of a research interview? Explain what you should do in each stage in order to have a successful interview.

3.1. 1.Before

3.1.1. Define purpose

3.1.2. Decide who

3.1.3. Arrange

3.1.4. Decide if record

3.1.5. Prepaid question

3.2. 2.During

3.2.1. Be on time

3.2.2. Repeat purpose

3.2.3. Set up recorder if using

3.2.4. Keep interview on track

3.2.5. Listen carefully

3.3. 3.After

3.3.1. Review notes ASAP

3.3.2. Transcribe notes