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Returns by Mind Map: Returns

1. Customer Service

1.1. Within first year

1.1.1. Customer emails support - case created Non-functional Create task in Salesforce for SOCS Broken/damaged due to usage Create RMA task in Salesforce

1.2. After first year

1.2.1. Customer emails support - case created Contact manufacturer Manufacturer handles repair or replacement with customer

2. Overship/ Wrong Product

2.1. Create Sales Force case with-Initial review-Why? Qty? Value?

2.1.1. Should we have it shipped back? Yes Create Call tag- include case RMA# on call tag (remove zero's from case number) Email Accounts Payable-Call tag and job # No Follow up with customer/installer to keep product Create customer service invoice, zero dollar (lab pricing), attach job#

3. Design change

3.1. Customer driven or CLS

3.1.1. Create Sales Force case Cosmetic- only visual not scores Account admin approves Account admin denies refund Academic Assign SF task to academics for review