Favoring alternative ways to commute to the Geneva office

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Favoring alternative ways to commute to the Geneva office by Mind Map: Favoring alternative ways to commute to the Geneva office

1. How the company can help? How each SonarSourcer can contribute?

2. Problem Parking spots. Everyone wants one => Collaborative way.

3. Others way than car. Ecological Footprint.

4. Depending on where you come from : difficult, expensive. The move will change things so it is an opportunity to change.

5. Usually "single" guy car is the 1st option. What could we put in place

6. Find fair/relevant incentive to avoid parking rush with one people per car

7. Not only one way to come !

8. Alternative ways to coming alone by car

8.1. Bike

8.2. Sleep at the Office

8.3. Telecommuting

8.4. Car Pooling

8.4.1. Internal

8.4.2. External

8.4.3. Commuter Parking

8.5. Shuttle

8.5.1. Frequency

8.5.2. More lines

8.5.3. Off the record discussion

8.6. Public Transportation

8.7. Hybrid

9. How to make things happen

9.1. Internal Communicate

9.1.1. What are the options?

9.1.2. Who is living nearby my home?

9.2. Money

9.3. Secure Worst Case

9.4. Break the habit

9.5. Infrastructure to welcome other ways

9.6. Challenge : internal competition (less km in car)

9.7. Shared Company Assets

10. Under which constraints should we work?

11. Ideas

11.1. Telecommuting

11.1.1. Make it easier to work from anywhere Default to laptops instead of hard drives

11.1.2. Encourage 1+ day per week WFH

11.1.3. Clarify and push abroad limits for frontaliers

11.2. Car pooling

11.2.1. Research blablacar-like apps to organize car pooling

11.3. Shuttle

11.3.1. Understand SonarSourcers commutes

11.4. Launch a teleportation research initiative with CERN