Stop negative thoughts (NT)

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Stop negative thoughts (NT) by Mind Map: Stop negative thoughts (NT)

1. identify NT and let them go

2. Effects

2.1. increase blood pressure

2.2. affect health

2.2.1. head aches

2.2.2. digestion

2.2.3. sex drive

2.2.4. ....

2.3. develop mentall illnesses

2.3.1. depression

2.3.2. anxiety

2.3.3. persionality disorders

3. How to stop: replacing negative thoughts with positive ones

3.1. relax your body and you can calm you mind

3.2. use affirmations

3.2.1. motivate yourself everyday by everything you have : book, quotes on internet....

3.3. mindfulness

3.4. trigger

3.4.1. sit down and write everything you believe trigger your negative => do something about it

3.4.2. stay away toxic people who do no good to your thinking

3.4.3. distract yourself by anything intertain you

3.5. find a trustful person

3.5.1. who willing listen to you and share their point of view

3.5.2. star a day with positive thoughts

3.6. Exercise

3.7. daily journal

3.8. be aware of misreading

3.8.1. donot apply your perspectives to s.o else

3.8.2. self talk using a mirror write at least 1 positive thing you did in day no matter it was a bad day => It trains your mind find out positivity in negativity