PRODUCT OR SERVICE CREATION (Full Body Massage for Students)|| SOLACE

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PRODUCT OR SERVICE CREATION (Full Body Massage for Students)|| SOLACE by Mind Map: PRODUCT OR SERVICE CREATION (Full Body Massage for Students)|| SOLACE

1. Marketing Plan for the Product/service: A document that provides details of what I need to know and steps to be taken for the success of my service promotion

1.1. STEP1: KNOWING MY BUSINESS- offers massage services to Rhodes students at a reasonable price and time. A sole proprietor that has a maximum of 8 employees (students) with different slots. Four setions|| two Students on each|| two hours of service from each||opens from 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00 and 18:00:20:00

1.2. STEP 2: DETERMINING TARGET MARKET: merged with the counselling center and SAN clinic|| clients refereed. For all students. Demographics|| all ages,race and gender. Not for persons older than 27.

1.3. STEP 3: Competitors || The other body massage businesses in grahamstown: to mention a few || Pumba|| Shwamaru..

1.4. Step 3:Set Goals|| Objective|| Goals|| Vission

1.5. Step5: Outline Strategies... How to acomplish those

1.6. Step 6: Set a Budget

1.7. Step 7: Get to Work

2. Product Design

2.1. Name: SOLACE

2.2. Core Benefit: Relieves muscle tension bringing super relief and destress

2.3. Actual Product: Full Body Massage

2.4. Packaging: None

2.5. Features: Meditation|| Relaxing music

2.6. Credit: NO!

2.7. After sale service

2.8. Price: 20 min per slot|| 3 setions per shift||R70 per slot

3. Things to consider

3.1. Aesthetics: The first thing that a client can notice with the service

3.2. Ergonomics: making sure that the service is comfortable:

3.3. Materials: Types of beds|| towl Massage Chair and Table. Massage Oils, Lotions, and Creams. Towels and a Portable Towel Cabinet. Stones and a Heating Device. Relaxation CDs, a CD Player, and Candles

3.4. Modularity: Divide body massage in different sections and prices

3.5. Sustainability: The materials used must be sustainable

3.6. Protection:

3.7. Packaging & Assembly