Sometimes things happen

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Sometimes things happen by Mind Map: Sometimes things happen

1. Chapter two

1.1. Bella, Gracie and Elise were trying to find their partners

1.1.1. While Gracie and Elise were arguing

1.1.2. But They only walked around the same way

1.1.3. And then Finally, they started to follow a misterios woman.

2. Chapter one

2.1. Bella, Elise and Gracie were lost

2.1.1. Because Bella accidentally broke Gracie’s phone and Elisa helped them to pick up the parts.

2.1.2. In A forest

2.2. The classroom needed to start wlaking to the hostel

2.2.1. Because of Bad weather

2.3. Bella, Elise and Gracie were lost

2.3.1. Because Bella accidentaly broke Gracie’s phone and Elise helped them to pick up the parts

2.3.2. In The forest

3. Places

3.1. The bus

3.2. The forest

3.3. York

3.4. The hostel

4. Characters

4.1. Bella

4.2. Grace

4.3. Elise

4.4. Mrs Hall

4.5. Coach