Why LP ?

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Why LP ? by Mind Map: Why LP ?

1. Leigh the leader ..

1.1. Contributing to rest of UK ?

1.2. A place to develop, make money, make a difference and have fun ..

1.3. The people

1.3.1. as part of UK

1.3.2. Motivation - education

1.3.3. the team RM's

1.3.4. sellers

1.3.5. partners

1.4. People plan

1.4.1. my backfill candidates Rob Hazlem ? Catherine Docherty?

1.4.2. OD South rob andy james chris will fay dom TBH matt parv London North

1.5. AppD 3 R's

1.5.1. Recruiting Commercial attracting talent Intellect eduction character

1.5.2. Retention

1.5.3. Revenue

2. Leigh the person ..

2.1. Family .. 20 for Xmas, 13yr old Grace, sports (keen skiier, chelsea fan), 170yr old house in Central London

2.2. Experience to lead the team .. grow the business based on Cisco direction .. solutions and s/w

2.2.1. Built career on major vendors .. Early career in channel - 25yrs ago .. selling `Legal sector, then large reseller and desktop services Glaxo £10m p.a., M&S £8m pa Sun MIcrosystems IC, various segments - solution sales global community Startups .. success Lastminute, Opodo, Ocado .. selling the ecosystem value greater than tin / java / solaris Microsoft Sell too BT TANDBERG Selling through and To BT $100m p.a. channel Cisco Collab sales team in SP - made my own role redundant merging ICs into SP teams Strategic Partner Org WW UK Commercial

2.3. Character

2.3.1. what can i say ... ?

3. Has to be more than just the number..

4. Plan

4.1. consistent double digit growth...

4.2. grow the business

4.2.1. key partner group plan for each

4.3. transform the business

5. what changes ?

6. maintaining momentum