Uses of the Ocean

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Uses of the Ocean by Mind Map: Uses of the Ocean

1. Medicine

1.1. provides a valuable medical product critical to maintaining the safety of many drugs and devices used in medical care

1.1.1. Horseshoe Crab Blood Used for its ability to identify bacterial contamination

1.1.2. Seahorse Used for cooking soup

1.1.3. Starfish Its liquid contains properties which may be very useful in treating certain kinds of inflammatory illnesses

2. Economic Opportunities

2.1. Fishing

2.1.1. about 200 billion pounds are caught each year

2.2. Transportation

2.2.1. Travel and Shipping

2.3. Fossil fuels

2.3.1. oil that can be extracted under sea bed

2.4. Minerals

2.4.1. e.g. salt, iron

2.5. Tourism

2.5.1. recreational boating, coast- and marine-based ecotourism, cruises, swimming, recreational fishing, snorkeling, and diving e.g. Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong

2.6. Energy

2.6.1. e.g. fossil fuels, tidal energy

3. Maintaining the environment

3.1. Marine Ecosystem

3.1.1. 50% oxygen by algae maintain equilibrium of gases

3.1.2. carbon dissolved into sea forming carbonic acid maintain acidity of ocean

3.1.3. chemosynthesis of micro-organisms near volcanoes origin of life

3.1.4. coral reefs habitats of many marine organisms, maintain equilibrium of different species

4. Recreational Use

4.1. Diving

4.2. Fishing

4.3. Boating

4.4. Waterskiing

4.5. Snorkelling

4.6. Swimming

5. spiritual uses

5.1. people can get peace in heart by going to the sea and looking at the sea

5.2. in TVB, when somebody get divorced, they will go to the sea and drink wine and through the bottle into the sea, allowing them to vent their anger

5.3. In Greek and Roman Mythologies, Poseidon/ Neptune is worshipped as the God of Seas

6. fun facts

6.1. there are pirates in the caribbeen

6.1.1. captain jack sparrow