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Uses of the ocean by Mind Map: Uses of the ocean

1. Economic Opportunites

1.1. minerals (e.g. salt, iron)

1.2. trade-

1.3. food (e.g. Japan: sashimi, Norway: salmon)

1.4. tourism (e.g. the Great Barrier Reef in Australia)

1.5. water transport

1.6. shipping industry

2. medicine that cure diseases

2.1. fight cancer, athritis, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease.

2.1.1. Ecteinascidin (tunicates) - treatment of breast and ovarian cancers and other solid tumors

2.1.2. Discodermalide ( deep-sea sponges) - anti-tumor agent

2.1.3. Bryostatin (bryozoan) - potential treatment for leukemia and melanoma

3. climate regulation

3.1. Oceans dissolve carbon dioxide

3.1.1. the ocean concentrates 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere so far the ocean has taken up about 30 percent of all CO2 emissions from human activities in the past 200 years,

3.2. the ocean abosrbs heat

3.2.1. the mass capacity of water helps absorb the heat as there is the fluid motion. The heat will be transferred to the deeper area of ocean.

4. Transportation

4.1. Seventy-six percent of all U.S. trade involves some form of marine transportation.

5. food

5.1. peanut butter

5.2. soymilk

5.3. seafood

6. Water cycle

6.1. Vast amounts of water evaporate from the ocean surface, rising into the atmosphere as water vapour. When this vapor collides with colder air, it condenses to form clouds and rain.