Keywords: Watching, Listening, English Movies

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Keywords: Watching, Listening, English Movies by Mind Map: Keywords: Watching, Listening, English Movies

1. Author (year)

1.1. Zezens Pratama. (2017)

2. Method

2.1. Classroom Action Research (CAR) is a method that is used to improve the quality of teaching and learning in a class processes. CAR consists of two cycles, each of which contains planning (plan to use movie), acting (implement the movie in teaching listening), observing (observes the teaching learning and student's activity in the classroom) and reflecting (to know the action is successful or not).

3. Sample & Random

3.1. The simple of this study is 28 students of 11 grade. The reason is the English teacher rarely use any media.

4. Tools

4.1. There are observation , interview , teacher's journal and test.

5. Variables

5.1. Watching English Movies can improve listening skill better.

6. Result

6.1. It showed that the students' listening skill can be improved through watching English Movies. The student's mean score was increase from pre-test through post-test.

7. Recommendation

7.1. For the English teacher, should consider the student' needs and interest before designing listen materials. Other researchers recommended to implement the actions in a longer period of time to get more better results.