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1. The Israel-Palestine conflict was one of the largest ones of the XX century and it has not been solved still.This situation is due to national y historical factors; this conflict is intragenerational, it is linked to both parts' identities and resists to solutions, this is why it is an ongoing conflict.

2. Words during times of war are as important as violent confrontations, as they impact future events. In this conflict, narrative was an important factor; narrative is like a story of facts with a beggining an an end. It lets the reader make sense of what he's reading and tell the life successes of an individual.

3. By the end of the XIX century, Palestine was part of the ottoman empire. This region was mostly populated by muslims, arabs, and a few jews. In 1880, zionism was created. This was an exile of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. This evolved into people getting misplaced and refugees running away, and now less than half of the population were arabs and a minority were jews.

4. The Holocaust has been a crucial part of the jews and israel's identity., since it was a genocide focused on exterminating the population of this two groups. At the end of the first arab-israel war in 1948, the israel army defeated the arabs and gained 40% of their correspondant territory.

5. Another historic success that impacted Arabs and Israels was the Six Days War. In 1967, Israel threw a preventive warning against Egipt, Jordania, and Syria. They reached the victory in only 6 days, which increased their military popularity. For the arabs, this meant humilliation, defeat, military disadvantages and the loss of a huge part of their territories. In 177 there was a political change in Israel. After 20 years under the Laborist government, the Likud government came and supported the idea of stablishing israel settlemetns in their territory. Given this, in 1987 the fisrt lifting og palestines begun. The youth threw rocks against the israel army, representing the Rock War, this generated only more conflict between them.

6. During the peace negotiations, Israel's first concern has always been security and their recognition as a state. However, between Palestine, it deprived the necessity of ending their victimization, being treated with respect and obtaining their independence. The Israel mentality is practical, whilst the Arabs and Palestines focus on their principles.

7. Since 2014, Israel and Palestine have been held hostage of the violent narratives and historical memories that turn radical as time passes by. If politicians and leaders keep using them, peace will not find its way through this conflict, as it will be needing public support and not populist currents that contribute to the eradication of the conflict.