Practice Essay #1

Mind Map for Practice Essay

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Practice Essay #1 by Mind Map: Practice Essay #1

1. Dave Barry's Attitude

1.1. Personal Experience

1.1.1. International Travel

1.1.2. Every Major US city

1.1.3. Claims to live where worst drivers are

1.2. Man watching Music Video

1.2.1. Weaving between traffic

1.2.2. Can't see road

1.2.3. speeding while doing so

1.2.4. At night

1.3. Hyperbole

1.3.1. "600 mph"

1.3.2. "The one law that no driver may be behind another driver"

1.3.3. "defense of their city having the worst drivers"

2. Personal Example

2.1. Smartphone Era

2.1.1. Constant distractions

2.1.2. Silent mode

2.1.3. Games meant to be always active

2.1.4. Easy access to content

2.2. Easily distracted

2.2.1. Smartphone

2.2.2. Lost in thought

2.2.3. Music when driving

2.3. Friends in Car

2.3.1. Play videos

2.3.2. Point out distractions

2.3.3. Loud

3. Connection

3.1. Friends' Experience

3.1.1. Friend almost hit frequently in Israel

3.1.2. Grew up in LA so traffic and almost being hit are common

3.1.3. Friend's policy of showing drivers they almost hit him

3.2. Similar events

3.2.1. I drive faster on freeways at night

3.2.2. I am in an era of easy distractions

3.2.3. I have almost hit people and I have been in an accident which was, admittedly my fault