What are some reasons for Crime?

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What are some reasons for Crime? by Mind Map: What are some reasons for Crime?

1. Solutions to Crime, Harsh Punishments?, Whose fault, Impacts of punishments

2. High Profits + Low Effort

2.1. According to The Economist, 1kg of cocaine can bring profits up to $200,000 in Australia

2.2. According to Statistia, online scams annually bring up to $100 billion loses in companies

3. Lack of Education

3.1. According to Eggleton, a member of the Canadian Parliament, 70% of ex-convicts dropped out of high school

4. Economic Problems

4.1. According to Eggleton, a member of the Canadian Parliament, 70% of ex-convicts have unstable job histories

5. Genetic Configuration

5.1. Stephen Mobley killed Domino's Pizza's Manager in 1991. Over the 4 generations, this Dutch Family had been sharply split into successful businessmen and criminals

5.2. Scientists has suspected that their family's genes had caused them to have increased tendency to break the law, and experiments showed the presence of monoamine oxidase (MAOA) in their DNA

6. Punishment not feared

6.1. In Mexico, where death penalty is abolished, the homocide rate is 22 per 100,000 people.

6.2. In Singapore, where the death penalty is still in practise, the homocide rate is 0.39 per 100,000 people

6.3. Mae Chamoy Case - In Thailand, a woman who set up a cheat charity fund has originally been sentenced to over 150,000 years of jail, however, the judge unreasonably reduced the sentence to 20 years, and she got released in the 8th year

7. Social Unacceptance

7.1. In 2015, 688 Corrective Work Orders were issued

7.2. In Singapore, discrimination towards ex-convicts still exists and ex-convicts seldom find a job or make close friends due to their records.

8. Family environment

8.1. According to ISCOS, children of incarcerated parents are 8 times more likely to offend than regular children.

8.2. According to the Subordinate Courts 2006, many juveniles who offend are from broken and dysfunctional families

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