Business Name : Pretty Please by Pooja

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Business Name : Pretty Please by Pooja by Mind Map: Business Name : Pretty Please by Pooja

1. Website (

1.1. Objectives : Sales, Branding, Online Subscription Boxes, Online Stylist, Online trials, Video chat shopping

1.2. Marketing tools used : Google Ads, Display Ads, Re-marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, Newsletters, Blogs, Video Marketing (content marketing that will be used cross all platforms), analytics

2. Facebook (

2.1. Objective : Promotion, Brand Awarenesss and building, sales, outreach

2.2. Tools : Sponsored post, Live videos, watch party, interactive post, polls, tags, groups, facebook shop, product photography, editing, videography, post editing, community building

3. Instagram (

3.1. Objectives : Brand building and management, outreach, sales,

3.2. Marketing tools : Sponsored post, sponsored stories, Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, page promotion, Instagram Loops, reposts, Instagram shop, product photography, editing, videography, post editing

4. Retailing (in store)

4.1. Objectives : Drive Sales, Brand Visibility, Expand market, Strategic Partnerships

4.2. Tools :Supply chain management, in store display

5. Wholesaling

5.1. Objective : B2B Marketing

5.2. Tools : In person meets, supply chain management

6. Personal Styling Assistant (App and on ground)

6.1. Objective : Business line expansion

6.2. Tools : AI led apps/ softwares (futuristic plan), ATL, BTL, Exhibitions, Word of mouth

7. Custom designing

7.1. Objective : Business line expansion

7.2. Tools : Onlne questionnaire (google form) to fill in measurements, fabrics available online, this will collaborate with the personal styling assistant app, systems speak to each other and a design is rolled out in the fabric of their choice which is suggested

8. Third party platforms (Marketplaces)

8.1. Objective : Drive sales

8.2. Platforms : Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Meesho, SEO

9. Subscription Boxes

9.1. Objective : Business line expansion, ensure consistent sales and customers who are loyal

9.2. Tools : Questionnaires, Virtual styling app (futuristic)

10. CRM tool

10.1. Customer database management, Email marketing, marketing and analytics integrated with website, Social Media channels etc.

11. Youtube

11.1. Objective : Original content videos, brand building, drive sales

11.2. Tools: Live videos, Original content, Viral videos, Short films, blogger takeover, blogger videos

12. Others

12.1. Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (B2B)