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1. 1. Theory;

1.1. used to make predictions about natural phenomena

1.2. statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts and phenomena especially one that has been repeatedly tested.

2. 2. Sovereignty;

2.1. : From Latin term superatu which means supreme.

2.2. refers to the supreme or ultimate political authority

2.2.1. subject to no higher power with regard to decision-making process and policy enforcement

3. 3. Neo;

3.1. Recent or new; Followers

4. 4. Linear;

4.1. Straight line

5. 5. Regional Integration;

5.1. “Integration” - join parts into a whole

5.2. Political integration ; the centralization of power within a polity

5.2.1. means bringing together, combination and unification of separate parts into a whole. In term of State and government ; it refers to the action that tries to join a separate part to create a new entity.

5.3. Regional integration; unification of smaller and separated nation-states

5.4. to become a bigger and stronger entity;on voluntary basis; covers political, economical and socio-cultural aspects; giving up of parts of national (individual) interests for collective interests e.g. imposition and removal of import/export taxes & tariffs.

6. 6. Economical Integration

6.1. term used to describe how different aspects between economies are integrated.

6.1.1. major objectives : to integrate their economics in order to have a bigger market, resources pooling and sharing

6.2. (1) Deniau : a creation of definite geographical area within which there is a certain unity in the conditions of trade.

6.3. (2) Bela Balassa : a process whereby various measures lead to the suppression of discrimination between economic units of national states and the resulting forms of economic integration is characterized by the absence of discrimination in various areas.

6.4. • Voluntary integration

6.4.1. surrender parts of national interests economic cooperation unification & unity of tariff rates, removal of barriers, eradication of trade discrimination

7. 7. Partial Integration (Phases towards Full Integration)

7.1. 1. Preferential Trading Area (PTA);

7.1.1. a trading bloc which grants preferential access for certain products from participating countries through reduction of tariffs BUT not by completely eliminating them e.g. EU and ACP.1

7.2. 2. Free trade area;

7.2.1. abolishment of all types of tariff and forms of trade protection with and to each other e.g. ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)

7.3. 3. Customs union;

7.3.1. elimination of discrimination of commodity movement within the union area

7.3.2. use of common tariff rate by member states in trades with nations outside union area e.g. European Union (EU) trade with non EU States.

7.4. 4. Common market;

7.4.1. free movement of capital and labor e.g. EU

7.5. 5. Economic and monetary union;

7.5.1. common policies of economics, fiscal and monetary e.g : EU