Language Change

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Language Change by Mind Map: Language Change

1. Causes of Language Change

1.1. Articulatory Simplification

1.2. Regularization

1.3. Language Contact

1.3.1. Borrowing

1.3.2. Loan Words

2. Kinds of Language Change

2.1. Phonological Change

2.1.1. Allophonic Change

2.1.2. Umlaut

2.2. Morphological Change

2.2.1. Syntatic Change

2.2.2. Semantic Change Broadening Metonymy Narrowing Pejoration Amelioration Metaphor Ellipsis

3. Mechanism of Language Change

3.1. Sound Change

3.1.1. Conditioned Sound Change

3.1.2. Unconditioned Sound Change Great Vowel Shift

3.1.3. Chain Shifts Push Cahin Pull Chain Relative Chronology Compensatory lengthening

3.1.4. Mergers and Splits Merger Split Latin Rhotacism

3.1.5. Processes of Sound Change Assimilation Dissimilation Deletion

3.2. Borrowing

3.3. Analogical Creation