Disease Prevention

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Disease Prevention by Mind Map: Disease Prevention

1. Pathological

1.1. Ignores wholistic approach to health

1.1.1. Does not account for social determinants of health

1.1.2. Ignores psychosocial factors

1.1.3. Ignores spiritual factors

2. Individualistic

2.1. Minimizes community and societal factors

2.2. Emphasis on individual behaviours as causes for health issues and on individual behaviours and responsibility for health and disease prevention

2.3. Ignores the importance of ensuring equal access to health care and education

3. Approaches

3.1. Address risk

3.1.1. Avoidance Not everyone has access to education and resources needed to engage in avoidance

3.1.2. Reduction Requires engagement of individuals in medium-high risk individuals and groups

3.2. Early identification

3.2.1. Relies on individuals having access to screening and education

3.3. Complication reduction

3.3.1. Aimed at mitigating impact after disease has occured

4. Epidemiological approach

4.1. 'Facts' of the impacts of disease on a group

4.1.1. Obtains information to inform disease prevention and treatment strategies Who is included in this collection of information and who are we missing?

4.1.2. Looks at patterns and prevalence of disease