Advantages and disadvantages essay

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Advantages and disadvantages essay by Mind Map: Advantages and disadvantages essay

1. Introduction

1.1. General thought about the subject (theme rephrased)

1.1.1. Over the last decades/years it has become an increasingly (dabatable) issue.

1.1.2. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular to [do smth]

1.1.3. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more [increasingly] popular to [do smth]

1.1.4. It is undeniable that .... has become an essential part of our life. However, ...

1.2. Paraphrase the question

1.3. Thesis statement

2. Main Body

2.1. Paragraph 1

2.1.1. Introduce the advantage (topic sentence)

2.1.2. Explain/give details

2.1.3. Examples

2.2. Paragraph 2

2.2.1. Introduce the disadvantage (topic sentence)

2.2.2. Explain/give detail

2.2.3. Examples

3. Conclusion

3.1. Sentence summary

3.1.1. In conclusion/To sum up/All things considered, there are clearly positives and negatives to [spending an extended period of time overseas].

3.2. Summary of the main points (diff. vocabulary)

3.2.1. You need to weigh up the pros of the [....] and so on, and cons of [...] and [...].

3.3. Finishing touch/your opinion

3.3.1. Personally, I believe that the benefits in terms of [personal growth]/[...] eventually outweigh any negatives.

3.3.2. In my opinion, if [...] I tend to believe that...