Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa by Mind Map: Burj Khalifa

1. The tower will experience shear. This is because as the wind is blowing on the structure it it will bend. Since most of the wind is blowing on the top the base is stuck on to the ground to opposite forces are pushing to shear.

2. The Burj Khalifa is a building that is is Dubai. this building started building in September 21 2004, finish in 2009. It cost $4,100,000,000 to build this tower

3. Purpose, Form, Functions

3.1. Purpose: The purpose of the building is to let tourist stay in during their visit and let citizen to live in it.

3.2. Form: It is very tall with a lot of apartments, because it needs to let a lot of people live and stay there

3.3. Function: It's function is to live people to stay in, and let tourist to stay in during their visit and sometimes let people to hide from sand storms.

4. External force

4.1. An example of external force affecting the building can be a very big sand storm, which can push or break something from the building

4.2. Another example can be a jet or a plane crashing into the building, and break the top off

5. It is a Frame Structure

5.1. Frame: The Burj Khalifa a frame structure, the glass is hold by steel frames which make it a frame structure

6. How the Burj Khalifa is able to support various of loads

6.1. The Burj Khalifa's strong steel bar can support heavy life loads, like moving people that live in the hotel inside and the apartments. the strong steel bar and the glass can block sands away from the building.

7. How Internal forces and External affect the Burj Khalifa

7.1. On the Burj Khalifa tower it will experience differnt types of internal forces like compression, shear, and external forces like a push.

7.1.1. The tower will experience compression. This is because when the wind blows on the tower it is being compressed so that it flat.

7.1.2. The tower will experience a push. This is because as the wind id blowing the tower it will sightly bend because the tower is near the atmosphere. since it near the atmosphere the center of gravity is lower making the structure bend.

8. Center of Gravity

8.1. The Center of Gravity is near the bottom. It is important to the Burj Khalifa because the tower is tall and near the atmosphere. If there was more weight on the top the building will tip over and crash down. That is why most building have a wide base on the Bottom and a tip on the top of the building.