Types of personalities

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Types of personalities by Mind Map: Types of personalities

1. Id

1.1. Hera

1.2. Las Vegas

1.3. Voldemort

1.4. China

1.5. "crazy on you" eminem

1.6. Jersey shore

1.7. Personal

1.7.1. Mako: I ate all the ice cream at my friends birthday party.

1.7.2. Gabe: Hogging the Video Games when my friends were over

2. Ego

2.1. Percy Jackson

2.2. New York City

2.3. USA

2.4. Captain america

2.5. President Barak Obama

2.6. Personal

2.6.1. Gabe: Telling my friend that he couldn't copy my homework

2.6.2. Mako: I told my friend not to go to his party because he had a huge project due the following day and he didn't start.

3. Superego

3.1. Piggy

3.2. Singapore

3.3. England

3.4. Whale wars

3.5. EMS/Firefighters

3.6. Personal

3.6.1. Gabe: Helping a friend out of depression

3.6.2. Mako: I help out with my friends Eagle projects, it helps out the community.