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Modal Verbs by Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. Express

1.1. Posibility

1.2. Skill

1.3. Obligation

1.4. need

1.5. Permission

2. Particularity

2.1. Never change

2.1.1. Example I can speak french She can speak french

3. Can

3.1. Ability or possibility

3.1.1. Time In the present

3.1.2. Example I can run very fast I can not very fast Can you very fast?

4. Should

4.1. Obligation or recommendation

4.1.1. Example You shouldn’t work so hard You should study more if you want to win the exam Should I eat meat or chicken

5. Ought to

5.1. Synonym of should

5.1.1. Example He ought to quit smoking I ought to leave now

5.1.2. Note It is never used in interrogative phrases in American English

6. Must

6.1. Obligation or need

6.1.1. Example we must go now You must not drink Must we get up early?

7. Would

7.1. Preference or polite question

7.1.1. Example I would like to eat spaghetti Would you help me please?

8. Shall

8.1. Suggestions

8.1.1. Time In the future

8.1.2. Example Shall we go to the movies or a museum?

9. Might

9.1. Posibility

9.1.1. Time In the present or future

9.1.2. Example My mother might get angry It might rain later

10. May

10.1. Posibility

10.1.1. Time In the future

10.1.2. Example I may be late May we come in?

11. Could

11.1. Skill or possibility

11.1.1. Time In the past or future

11.1.2. Example I think it could rain later I couldn’t sleep last night You could write a book