Videogames (The Witcher)

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Videogames (The Witcher) by Mind Map: Videogames (The Witcher)

1. What I learn?

1.1. Reading

1.1.1. Improving reading skill

1.1.2. Curing dyslexia

1.1.3. Adding more vocabulary to our brain

1.2. Listening

1.2.1. Makes us sensitive to English conversation

1.2.2. Exposes you to a lot of natural English

1.3. Grammatical

1.3.1. Know how to use grammar properly while.

2. How to use for everyday learning?

2.1. Through computer or laptop that support to play this game.

2.2. This game is a RPG (role-playing game) which requires you to collaborate and communicate with others to complete this game.

2.3. Through communicate with other unconsciously its help us to improving our reading and listening skill even our grammatical skill.

3. What is the affordances for everyday learning?

3.1. This technology offers so many things from positive to negative things.

3.1.1. Positive Its help us to improve our English skill in fun way Learning through videogames can make us far from bored Exposes you to a lot of natural English

3.1.2. Negative You need to buy the game which is not cheap RPG game can really take a lot of your time and make you less productive 18+

4. What is the challenges of this technology?

4.1. The interface of this game can make confuse at first

4.2. You need an internet connection

4.3. Game mechaniism is confused for beginner

5. Technology relationship?

5.1. This technology have a strong relationship with some English skill such as reading, listening and also grammar structure